Vigrx Plus Cycle

And let’s do it in relationship to the menstrual cycle and then maybe also into the different phases of life that a woman will go through just so that we can understand how supplements like Vigx Plus work. So dosha really, it’s an energy so if we look at energy as such so big energy that’s undifferentiated. And then we start to break it down. There’s an energy of creation. There’s an energy of maintenance. There’s an energy of destruction in any cycle of creativity. Even your summit, there’s the energy to create it. Now you’re sustaining it. You’re going to get it done and then afterwards you’re going to be like, “It’s done!” Right? And so there’s ways of breaking energy down. If you just take your hand in front of your mouth and breath on your hand and what did you feel? I feel some heat and some moisture and some air/wind. Cate: Yeah! Great! So those are three doshas who emply more Vigrx Pplus. So heat is pita. And moisture as we call it kapha. And the movement of air is vita. So there’s the energy that moves things. Learn more at here’s the energy that heats thing. And then there’s the energy that contains things which is the energy of moisture. So those three forces are at their part and parcel everything. And so these energies will determine our constitution but if we look at them in terms of the menstrual cycle, there’s the energy of – if we just look at what’s happening part by part through the cycle. In the beginning part of the cycle, we’re building. If we look at after we menstruate and that’s like that part that’s after menstruation when we feel kind of clean and clear and usually lighter and more free. Using male supplements like Vigrx will make you feel better. It’s like I’m building towards my potential for this month. And what’s my energy going to be like this whole month? And people that squander that energy that sort of pre- ovulatory to ovulatory energy, they’re not going to have a good month. They’re not going to have a good menstrual cycle. So when you say squander, you mean like they’re using that energy to work extra hours or party late at night and that kind of thing? Yeah that’s exactly what I think. You’re like spending credit. That’s a good point. I never really thought about that for some reason. Because you might need that energy later. So you have an opportunity to build like a squirrel who’s going to put some nuts away for later because I might need them. And then I might feel less devastated when the going gets rough and I don’t have anything in my bag. I don’t have any acorns squirreled out away under my tree because I was too overextended into the time that I was in a more building and refining mode, which we are stronger then. That’s the time of the month when we’re like my workouts are going to be harder. If I eat more nutrient dense food, I’m going to retain it more. Learn more at and

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