Alpha Male Supplements

I have experimented with raising my alpha male supplements quite a few weeks and made great progress. I know that many members here will ask me to tell how much i raised my free or bioavailable testosterone levels and I don’t really know. I don’t think that you need numbers for measuremen; you will feel the difference: feeling much more alive and of course you will have a greater libido. Another aspect is the tendency to overestimate your own strength when it comes to fights but on the up side it gives you a courage and confidence boost especially when it comes to women and sex. Another very interesting result of boosting testosterone is the testicle size. Many of you guys know that when you don’t ejaculate, the testicles can size up quite impressively with libido sups. Learn more at and I had that experience quite a few times usually already after 2 weeks and I was wondering why this one period of time they seemed to get way smaller. I did endurance training 3 times every week for 2 hours until I realized that my testicle size decreased because of that. Scientific studies say that endurance training lowers testosterone tremendously. What the Taoists say is that you can learn to feed the body the sperm back by not ejaculation and learning to channel the ejaculate back. This is supposed to help the body nourish and heal. I haven’t found any scientific studies about this other that the ejaculate really does have vital amino acids lots of zync and vitamin D3 and many other vital minerals. Now if we assume that the Taoists are right and you the body really can use the nutrients in the ejaculate it makes sense why the balls shrink when you completely overexhaust your body likeIi did with the extreme endurance training. So I started to google and found interesting sources like the one great book we have here called: Big Natural Testicle Program. Male Supplements -High Dose Vitamin D3 I took 50 000 IE per day for 2 months 3 years back and the 18yo GF i had back then was amazed of my libido. Always combine with K2: e.g. for every 10.000 IE D3 take one Super K. Thank you for pointing this out, another important fact is that desiccated liver lacks vitamin A and D because that gets destroyed in the freezing process of libido pills. So if you want to get some of that eating liver cooked is a lot better. Also cod liver oil has amazing effects for Vitamin D3 and A! -Zync (Oysters) -Magnesium -Selen (Brazil nuts) -Goji Juice -Desiccated Liver I will do that maybe some time but I can already feel a huge change so I didn’t really care about numbers. Also there is an obvious change in my testicle size. This is not just a collection of things i learned from books but stuff I have experimented with. Please feel free to add your experience. Learn more at

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