Pheromones alone make her a valuable commodity

Pheromones alone make her a valuable, coveted trophy so who cares if she’s a bitch who lies there rolling her eyes during sex? For most guys – she’s out of their league. This is not the case for women. An attractive guy with six-pack abs, but no confidence is going to lose out to a chubby guy with more confidence. A rich lawyer who drives a Porsche and lives in a penthouse on the coast of Miami, but is insecure in himself can (and often does) lose out to a guy making $45,000 a year driving a pickup truck as a construction worker, but is confident in himself and his direction in life. For a man, attraction is simple. Hot girl equals desire. For women, attraction is NOT enough and it is very fickle without using pheromone colognes like Pherazone. Many guys have experienced this in life – women who seemed fired up and attracted who, at a moment’s notice, lost interest as if a giant bucket of water had been thrown over their flame of attraction. In an instant, they lost whatever attraction they had. For many guys this is hit or miss – we have no idea why it happened. Learn more at and We have no idea what attracted her and no idea why she stopped being attracted. I’m sure that many people reading this right now have experienced this in one form or another. It could be a girl who was really into you at a party, who you thought you were going home with, and then something just snapped – she was no longer interested and the attraction was gone. It could be a girl you’ve been seeing for years and everything seemed like it was going fine and then – bam – she’s done with you. Attraction – as it is defined – is more complicated and unpredictable for women who use pheromones Pheromones work for all men and women It has a loose base. It is a feeble foundation that can topple at any time. In other words, it’s not sustainable and relying on it is futile. Of course this same thing can happen to a man, but it is far less shaky foundation due to the fact that physical attraction is the basis of our interest whereas for women attraction is a momentary pull and spark that, if it doesn’t find some kind of accelerant, will extinguish in mere seconds. So, what exactly is that “accelerant” which a woman’s spark ofhuman pheromones attraction can catch fire, grow, and consume her decision making process? The Desire Nature For a woman, desire is far more important than attraction and if you can make a woman desire you (which is exactly what you’re going to learn throughout this book) then you are no longer on an even playing field with other men. You are effectively separating yourself from 99% of other men. It doesn’t matter what job you have, what you look like, or where you live – if you can master the ability to create desire at will with women, then you know something most men don’t regardless of their money, status, or looks. Attraction essentially means: “The action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something – a quality or feature of something or someone that evokes interest or liking.” It comes from the Latin root “tract” which means to “drag” or to “pull.” Learn more at

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