inherent social pheromones

I would even go so far as to say that there is an inherent social pheromones occurring within the minds of men today. Due to a prominence of the feminist agenda (agree with it or not) rising up within developed Western countries and an arguable reverse in gender roles in a lot of aspects of life, it can become incredibly confusing (if not downright frustrating and infuriating) for men today to understand the seemingly mixed signals of the female gender pheromones. It’s simple things that guys don’t understand. For instance, why does a woman say she wants equality and to tear down gender roles, but still gets upset if I don’t open up the door for her or feels free to hit a man with no repercussions, or still expects men to make the first move? Why does a woman say she wants polite, respectful men, but go for the exact opposite on a regular basis? Learn more about pheromones at and Why do women say that they don’t like sexually aggressive men and emphasize the importance of romance, yet tell me to read about bondage, domination, and ravishment of an innocent virgin in 50 Shades of Grey as the key to understanding her sexual desires? So many women say one thing, but do the exact opposite. Their actions do not line up with their words. It’s understandable why so many men would just assume women are incredibly confusing with pheromone signals. This mix of confusion and anger toward our place in the world as heterosexual males is tangible. But, the sickness occurring with men is the unwillingness to shut up, sit down, and figure this shit out. In other words, instead of acting like a man should act, by simply sitting down and making a calculated, concerted effort to understand our female counterparts, some of us would rather act like children by getting either angry in one end of the spectrum, or totally intimidated by them on the other. The truth is that women are not as hard to understand as you may think. Once you can understand this from both a social and biological viewpoint, you will feel more confident navigating the sexually contradicting social environment we currently find ourselves in. And – keep this in mind – women WANT you to understand them, but they don’t feel like they should have to explain it to you. On that same point, you should NEVER listen to women who tell you what women want (we’ll get into why that is shortly). The short answer of why you shouldn’t do this is because many women do not know what they want, and even when women know very well what they want many of them will not communicate these desires for fear of coming off as “slutty” and dealing with other common social stigmas that men never have to deal with for being openly sexual beings. It is up to you as a man to understand women. They will not tell you what you need to know. What they do tell you is only a fraction of the truth – the things they feel portray them in the best light as a female in front of anyone in a social situation. and they expect you to understand ” The thought of this – as a man – can be infuriating. As a man, you explain yourself every day and you do so in logical terms. Learn more at

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