Importance of Pre-Construction Phase in Custom Home Building

The excitement of building a new custom home can be overwhelming for some people. A custom home project is not something which can be rushed. The pre-construction phase itself can take long. But, it cannot be avoided since this is the phase where all of the planning takes place. Without proper planning, a custom home project is doomed to fail.

In the pre-construction phase, you will have to focus a lot on finalizing the floor plans. You have to hire an architect and make sure that at least 90% of the floor plans are complete before beginning the construction. Sometimes, changes in floor plans during construction may be inevitable. But, you have to keep those changes to the minimum. Substantiate change orders can delay the project and also increase the costs. That’s why it is important to work with experienced architects and builders who would make sure that the floor plans are created during the pre-construction phase without any hassles. It is reasonable to spend 3 months creating floor plans in the pre-construction phase.

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