Importance Of Online Career Counseling

Most times we live under the illusion that we know everything about ourselves, but we don’t. This becomes even more important when it comes to career related decisions. This is what happens often with us – We like something, we study that subject field and get a job. But then, we realize – that’s really not what we wanted to do. Where did we go wrong? Let’s go back in time when we made our decision and see what we career counseling help you to get acknowledged with various fields and make an informed choice. Apart from that, they also help you to overcome your shortcomings that need to be addressed to get a good opportunity in this competitive world for the best career Assessment.

We decided our career based on our interest. By the way, one should feel lucky to pursue the career of their interest. Most of the students in our country don’t have that privilege. Coming back to the point of our interest – Did we ask following questions at the time while we were deciding our career?
* Do my values allow me to follow this career path in the long run?
* Do I have the right aptitude and personality to pursue that career?
* Are my current skills and ability good to start working in this field?

There’s a good possibility that we did not. First of all we have to understand our value system. Values are strong forces and are relatively permanent in nature as compared to our likes and dislikes which keep on changing with time. They play an important role in our career and we often ignore that. For example – If someone’s values encourage him/her to help poor people, they may not get the satisfaction in a typical corporate job. Again we would highlight the point that values are relatively permanent and don’t change so often.

We do need to assess our values and move accordingly. A simple activity will help you in this. Take out a notebook and write down the important events of your life. Try to find some connect among those events. That will help you in defining your values.

If we talk about interests and skills – they keep on changing. However, we constantly need to assess them in order to make the right career decision. The best way to do that is to take psychometric assessment tests. They help us in analyzing our strengths and weaknesses along with the suggestions on where should we improve. The psychometric tests are designed in such a way that one gets the clear picture of their interests, aptitude and skills.

Finally – and probably the most important part- We need guidance. No matter how smart we are, we need an outside perspective to make better decisions. There comes the role of career counseling – To help identifying ourselves and provide us the right advice on how to go about our career. Parents, close friends can provide the advice but you can never keep the emotions out of it in their case. And that will make a difference. Therefore, professional career counseling has to be taken at right stages. The long term benefits that you will get from career-counseling, makes it the most essential step in career planning process.

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