How I Feel About Pheromones

With the power of pheromones you are def a smart guy and I actually like you allot … but there is this certain mindset you have that I have a huge dificulty resonating with (think I have expressed it before) … hope you will know it’s the mindset I respond to … not you in general … I think you are a cool guy! Anyways: Let’s say I jump onto the economical bullshit (for certain reasons I don’t to begin with) … So you raise a hb 4/10 to belive she is a 7/10 … So she don’t get any sex, because no guy above 4 will fuck with her … even the 3+4 will find her annoying and not fuck her … so what happens is that reality hits her … and she goes down to earth again … Using pheromones will give you that edge you have been looking for. NOW what do I think will rather actually happen in the REAL world: hb 4, gets into a relationship with bf 4: bf 4 makes her feel like a hb 10 … she knows she is not really …. but the way he makes her FEEL is a feeling she loves… and because bf 4 can make her feel that way …

Learn more about pheromones at thinks of him as a bf 10 … now bf 8 comes along, and he don’t stand a chance ­čśë Pheromones are what increases attraction dramatically.That’s honestly what I experience happens to guys doing this in the real life So the two breaks up … what will happen? hb 4 will look for a guy that made her FEEL the same way … Besides even if the theory is right: I find it distasteful … I don’t belive you will ever lose in life by making anyone feel better… I really see it as a loser strategy … I also think the very mindset (because it is a loser strategy) will radiate out of you, and lower your actual value … no women wants to be with a man that thinks that way…. and the way we think, will shine out of us even if the guy tries to be sneaky about it and hide it away Karma man! Also it goes both ways: Should womem that is hb 4, make every make above hb 4 to feel like a hb 3 so she gets a chance them them? … Effort and enjoyment is not negations of each others… I used to enjoy lifting heavy weights … it took allot of effort … Personality and looks are not negations of each other either: you can be ugly and have an ugly personality and visa versus … There is a bigger factor by the way: how ppl are framed… I’m sure you love you mother; I’m also quite sure that has nothing to do with, how little effort she demands of you, how much enjoyment she gives you, how her personality is, or how she looks …. Learn more about pheromones at

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