confirmation for more pheromones

If you truly believe that something is not possible with pheromones, then it would be insane to take an action which has a one hundred percent chance of failure. However, almost nothing in life has a one hundred percent guarantee of either success or failure with natural pheromone production. Before embarking on a goal, you do not need to be sure that you will be successful (and you often won’t), but you should be certain that success is at least a possible outcome of your pheormones.

Fortunately, when it comes to attracting women, there is a 100% guarantee that you will improve if you put in the work. So you have no excuses! The first mental hurdle to overcome is to truly believe that this is the case. If you never venture outside your normal environment, then you may have no reference points to confirm this. This was the case for me while I was still in university. If this is also the case for you, then let the following story serve as confirmation for more pheromones. Learn more at and

During university, I spent every day with a group of likeminded students who like me never met any women. That was until one day I was assigned a lab partner named Jeff. Jeff was not your typical physics student. Jeff was naturally brilliant, but also naturally good with women. I started going out to bars with Jeff in the evening and watching him in action. Jeff was perhaps a bit better looking than me, but his hygiene was usually lacking. He often had not showered in days, had bedhead hair, and wore a ripped and stained pullover sweatshirt; basically the standard uniform worn by most undergraduate engineering students who adore pheromones.

However, Jeff would consistently be picking up and bring girls home. On one particular night, he left with a girl that he had just met after only five minutes of conversation. This served as a wakeup call to me. Clearly there was something taking place that I did not yet see or understand. How did speaking to a girl about seemingly nothing for only a few minutes illicit such a response? I now know that it was due to his positive energy, being nonjudgmental and having freedom from outcome, but at the time I was dumbstruck. However, from then on it was clear to me that such things were at least possible with real pheromones.

The next step is to believe that you personally are capable of achieving your goal. Perhaps you think that you lack the necessary traits to be successful with women. You tell yourself that: “yes, it is possible for others, but not for me. I am too shy, too short, or too poor for girls to ever like me.” These are not only excuses, but they are also not even the primary factors that generate attraction in a woman. Anyone can become better with women if they put in the effort. Many people choose to believe that something is not possible for them, because if they were to accept that it was possible, then they would also have to accept that they were too much of a coward to take action. They would have to accept that their lives could have been drastically different, had they made the choice to change them. They would have to stop blaming external circumstances and start taking responsibility for their life. Learn more at

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