Antique Elephant Floor Lamp – A beautiful and unique décor item


Antique décor items are much sought after for their elegance and beauty. Antique items can completely transform any room and make it look extremely sophisticated and beautiful. Among the different antique items that are in much demand around the world, antique floor lamps are particularly popular. Antique floor lamps tend to have flowery and ornate designs and this is what sets them apart from traditional lamps. These lamps tend to make the décor of the room stand out. At OJ furniture you can get quality interior and décor items including antique lamps at great prices. OJ furniture has a large selection of contemporary and antique décor items that can transform your house from a drab and boring place into a beautiful and stylish living space. Among the different antique items available at OJ furniture, the antique elephant floor lamp is one that can radically transform any room in your house.

Antique lamps look attractive because they often have gilded base and come with ornate glass lampshades. Some of the lamps also come with uniquely beautiful stained glass shades. The popularity of these antique lamps is also because of their aesthetic value. Placing these lamps at strategic positions in the house can accentuate the décor and thereby add to the elegance or attractiveness of the room. It is however quite difficult to find actual vintage or antique lamps. These also tend to be extremely expensive. The antique elephant floor lamp available at OJ furniture is designed to have an antique feel without being as expensive as a vintage lamp. This lamp is composed of polyurethane along with acrylic and has an antique gold finish.

The antique elephant floor lamp can help in perfectly balancing the décor in the room. The lamp with its antique gold finish has an urn frosted glass shade. It comes with an elephant sculpturing that tends to stand apart. This lamp can proudly stand in your living room or bedroom attracting admiring glances from all your guests. It can add an extra shine to your parties or get-together. This can prove to be a thoughtful gift for special occasions like housewarming parties or Christmas celebrations.  The exquisite detailing on the lamp truly gives it a vintage look and it can beautifully complement a traditional home décor arrangement. This floor lamp comes with a light head that has a dramatic urn shape and this provide soft and indirect lighting. The length of the lamp is 17 inches and its height is 72 inches while its width is 17 inches.


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